Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Isn't this picture adorable...All cousins
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Fathers day

We had a great Fathers day...Bret hugging his kids after they gave him their gifts, I found an idea the kids could do for their Dad from Family fun magazine...They gave him top pop awards, they made certificates and gave him along with the certificate,Pop tarts, Pop corn, soda Pop and pudding Pops they had a lot of fun making them for their Dad. (PRICELESS)
These are what they made for him and his treats
After Church we went to Adventure park for a picnic
played in the water and played frisbee, We have so much fun together
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I was tagged by Kim Peterson, I was looking at my blog and noticed that I had been tagged at about 8:45 this morning so I went ahead and did intersting tag, NO CLEANING/CHEATING what you see is the real thing (I forgot to take a picture of my closet, so try to remember to take a picture of your closet).

#1-The fridge...notice that I got the glass fixed.
#2-The kitchen sink
#3-The toilet

#4-My least I have an excuse for it not being made, Abbey is in it.
#5-Self portait...Ahhhhh, I just hate pictures of myself.
#6-Favorite shoes...they are so comfy and go with everything.
#7-What my kids are doing right now...Hayley is at a soccer camp, Abbey came in this morning and wanted to cuddle with her Dad.

#8-A place I would love to go on vacation: South Africa, where my parents are on their mission.

friends I want to do this blog...Kerrilyn, Sara, Noreen, Chandra, Suzanne and Laina...remember no cleaning before you take the pictures (It is what it is), NO cheating, have fun.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I just want everyone one to know how much I love my Dad...I looked outside one day and saw my Dad working in the garden, like he always does, but I wanted to take a picture because it is something that he loves to do...He also has taught me to love being outside...I wish I had a picture of my Dad on one of his horses...When I was young I used to love to take my Dad on dates, My Dad has taught me so much...I LOVE YOU DAD. Keep up the good work you are doing as a missionary.

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This is the day My Mom and Dad left for the MTC...Dad with all my Brothers...HAPPY FATHERS DAY BOYS
My Dad and sister Annette
My Dad at our home for Hayley's Birthday
Me and My Dad...this was last year for Fathers Day
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