Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Utah Lake page

A scrapbook page I did of Utah Lake, isn't the sunset beautiful, we have alot of fun on this lake.

Just puffy

Yesturday I was at walmart, and a lady I hadn't seen for years asks me how many children I have, and then asked "and when is this one do", I'm not pregnant of course is what I say.

So later in the day I am taking Emily to volleyball and I am telling her and Wyatt what this lady had said to me and my cute wyatt says "your not fat, just puffy". So cute.

I am just blessed that most of my fat wants to stay in my stomach area, so if any have been wondering, I am just puffy.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Emily

Emily is always game for trying anything, she put this piece of spaghetti through her nose and out her mouth, YUCK. That's my girl, I am so proud.

Cleaning up the shed

My parents are on a mission in Cape Town South Africa, and all of the siblings were givin different chores to do around their place to help them out while they're gone, Bret and I got the shed, so these are the before pictures, it had gotten pretty bad, I seem to have a Dad and Brothers who don't like to clean up after themselves, so it was quite the ordeal to get it cleaned up, hope it looks good to you Mom and Dad.

Ok, now these are the after pictures, big improvement.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Wyatt's Baptism

Wyatt was Baptized on Saturday, We had a lot of Family that were able to come, Thank you for your support. Wyatt was so handsome in his new suit. This is the invitation that I made for the baptism.

Abbey just got her hair cut, I love it, I got so tired of her complaining in the morning because it hurt to get out the tangles, so I told her we were going to cut it, and she was all for it.
All the Men their for Wyatt
Our Family
Wyatt with our Bishop
Ok, do you know of anyone that is so lucky as Wyatt to have these to cuties as his primary teachers, they came for Wyatt's baptism.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Spirit day at the Jr. High

Today is Spirit day at the Jr. High and this is how my girls went to school, they obviously take after their dad, I would never do something like that, I never wanted attention on myself, I was really shy. It's fun that they have great spirit and get into so much.
Hayley is running for student council.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Digital scrapbooking

I have just been doing some digital scrapbooking and this is one of the pages that I recently did, It is Easter, but I am trying to get this year caught up, it has been fun for me, and it is so much cheaper then normal scrapbooking.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day at the Cabin

Another fun weekend for us, Steve and Ali were going to the cabin and invited us to go with them, we had a great time, Thank you Steve and Ali for the fun weekend. No, we did not buy this fun toy, Bruce Gunther another good friend of ours bought this Ranger this summer, and he told us that we could borrow it when ever we wanted, so we took him up on that, it fits the whole family and it was alot of fun, Thanks Gunthers. I didn't take many pictures but I took a few, it looks cloudy because it was, it was raining and foggy and cold, but it didn't stop the fun.

Wyatt, Abbey and Cami watching tv at the cabin.
Ok, so we get home from the cabin and are bringing things in the house to unpack, Emily and Hayley came outside just laughing and told me I had to come and see this, so I go in the house and find these pictures, that had been my kids school pictures, replaced with pictures of our friends, we laughed and laughed it was so funny, but then I started noticing a lot more of my picture frames had pictures of them in them, so we searched the house, these are just a few, I am not kidding they went crazy with this, it was so funny. We are so blessed with great friends, thanks guys.