Monday, August 25, 2008

Cascade Springs

We decided on Sunday that it would be fun to go for a ride to Cascade Springs, we hadn't been there for a few years, it is such a peaceful place to go.

Kids and Sports

Wyatt is playing football this year, my little caveman, his first time playing tackle football. Wyatt played against his friend Cordell, they got to tackle each other in the game. Ryan and Jodi Halls boy.
Abbey was sad in this picture because she had just been laughed at, she had bent down and rolled the ball with her hands instead of kicking the ball and people laughed, she was done the rest of the game because she was so sad.
Bret is Abbey's coach this year for soccer.


Abbey loves our Dog, Sax. She wants to hold him first thing in the morning and last thing before bed, he is a good sport with her and lets her hold him. He is just a little guy, he will be 2 in October and fully grown only weighs 2 pounds.

3rd day of school

This is the 3rd day of school, I kept forgetting to get their picture, Emily and Hayley leave way before Wyatt and Abbey so I haven't taken their picture yet.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Boys and their toys

Bret and I decided that with having two vehicles that want to cost us so much in gas that we needed to find something for Bret to drive to work, last time he filled it up, it was only 8.50, you can't beat that, And he also is having fun driving it around.

Annual Bow Hunt

Here are some pictures of our trip to Manti, for the annual bow hunt, and some of the things we really enjoy doing each year. This is a picture of my nephew Tyler at Blue lake, he is not very happy because his brother Trent threw a rock at him. Wyatt looking for the perfect rock to skip
Hayley found this little frog at Blue lake, it was really little, she was just a little excited
This is my nephew Trevor, he found a raft someone had made

This is the annual (Pepsi Challenge) the guys all have to pitch in a pepsi or whatever they have and they shoot at a target, whoever hits the target gets to keep all the pepsi's, Trent my nephew won this year

My brother Jeff hurt his back, so he had the crooked walk thing

oops, two of the same picture

This is the candy hunt we do every year for the smaller kids, they all line up and get their ages called out one at a time youngest to oldest and they take off to find the candy

Here is Abber on hot pursuit for candy

My cute brothers all in camo, Jeff and Greg

Riding 4-wheelers a definite favorite, Jacob, Wyatt and Abbey
The kids all wanted to hold Sax our dog, he was a big hit

Dad I know you like to take pictures of the camp, so I took them for you this year, see that empy spot, that is for you and Mom

Wyatt, Emily and Abbey on the log fence

More pictures of our camp (City)

When I was little we loved to walk on the log fence, it was in good shape back then, but now it is falling apart, but now our kids like to try and walk on it, great memories for me

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wake boarding

Here are pictures of our trip to Lake Powell, We had a great time, it was soooo hot just wanted to be in the water to stay cool. When we got home Wyatt said "well no one drowned" it really is a blessing that we had no accidents and it was a great trip. Wyatt is catching on to the wake boarding and he really likes it and is trying tricks even...Wyatt and Cami even tried it together, that was so cute.
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Bret throwing the kids

the kids love Bret to throw them in the water, he would throw them and the kids would try to grab the rope
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Climbing on the rope

Darren was helping the kids climb down the rope and would then bounce them off into the water
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Water toys

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Cliff diving

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Hayley and Alice and Bret
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Paddle boat

Abbey,Annie,Cami,Dallin and Steven enjoying the Paddle boat
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