Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We started the weekend going to the field day dance...

Then we headed to St. George, Abbey found this bike in the garage at the condo and just got on and started to ride it, she has never been on a two wheel before, she didn't even need her dad's help...

We went to Sand Hollow...Wyatt jumping

Paul and Abbey

Paul, Brooklyn, and Demorie

Paul, Marcus, and Brooklyn

Demorie, Hayley, and Wyatt

Bret and Paul

Bret and Paul


We also climbed the red rocks and overlooked St. George and the Temple...

Emily is sad she ripped her shorts
Ken got in this hole, we thought we would have to call the jaws of life to get him out.

The Young family

Wyatt, was so anxious to wakeboard

The Youngs boat



I got picture of Nick Young doing a back flip


The kids got to get a picture with Darin Williams...they were so excited

Sally is airborne

When we got home from our trip we found these in our tubs and one in our toilet, Bret flushed the one on the toilet because he had to go.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Snow in April

The big snow storm in April

Friday, May 1, 2009

Last week we got a letter from Wyatt that he had written in school, it said how he needs a Jazz jersey because Thomas and Bronson and Miles and Connor and Chase all had one and so he needed one and he would have Emily help with his homework if we would get him one...anyway it was something like that and he had been buggy us about getting him one for awhile so we gave in and found him one, and of course it had to have a williams on the back. I wish a had saved that letter but I didn't. So since that worked for Wyatt he wrote this note next, pretty clever boy, and we are suckers because once again we gave in. He does have to keep his room cleaned our I get it back and he has done a good job at that. This is what is says: Dear Dad, I now there are some nice basketballs out there but there not mine(meaning on our basketball court), and I don't want to share a basketball with anybody.
P.S. When we went to get that bat at big 5 and that's where I found a NBA basketball...anyway that NBA basketball is what got this on my mind and everyone that plays basketball with at school got a new basketball including Aiden so can I please, please, please, please have one,
Love Wyatt