Sunday, December 12, 2010


Hayley was having one of her pitty party teenage moments today, and this is the result. She would go down in her room and come up with a picture, and just kept doing it...
This picture was for me and it says "I hate my kids" and she claims she didn't mean to make me look like I was flipping the finger-hmmm
This one was for Bret it says "I hate my kids" "I love my wife"
This one was for Emily "Wish I were an only child" "I love mommy"

This one was for Wyatt "pass the cheese its" she has him sitting on the couch playing the xbox.
This one was for Abbey "Perfect Angel"
She even drew one for the dog "The GREATEST dog"
She drew this one for her, she thinks she is fat, she wrote "fat lard" My Hayley is so beautiful and this makes me sad that she thinks this.
This was the last one she drew, it is her and Emily standing by each other, Hayley has been bragging that she is taller than Emily, Emily disagree's. Hayley wrote on this one "I'm skinny at heart"
She was not as upset after drawing these and making us all laugh...I LOVE MY HAYLEY, she is always making us laugh.